Document Digitization

Does your organization want to convert large amount of data into digital formats? If you are looking for document digitizing at a cost-effective price, then you have come to the right place. Medical Outsourced Solutions expert document digitizing services can efficiently meet your needs.

Document digitization is the process of converting manual documents into digital formats. In the process of document digitizing, any type of document like texts, images, video, business cards or periodicals are digitized and converted into digital formats such as text, html, xml, pdf, doc, xls, gif, jpeg or tiff.

The most vital contribution of data digitization is a perpetual preservation of your important documents. Another benefit is that digitized data can also be stored on any media format such as CDs, tapes or Zip disks.

The Document Digitization Service Process at Medical Outsourced Solutions

Identification of customer needs - At the very beginning of the process of digitizing documents the need of the customer is thoroughly understood. The main aim of this step is to locate the exact need of the client for data digitizing

Collection and alignment of documents - In this phase of data digitization services, the scattered documents are collected from the customer and after removing all the foreign objects like pins, paper clips and threads, the documents are aligned properly

Scanning - In this segment of data digitizing services, aligned documents are scanned and saved as an image files

Digital transferring - In this stage of digitizing paper documents with the use of Optical character recognition (OCR), the scanned documents or images are converted into text files

Indexing - So as to have an easy retrieve, the documents or data are saved with detailed file names which are termed as indexing the documents

Organizing - In this part, after taking into account the exact requirement of the customer, the documents are organized in separate or combined PDF files

Packaging - In this last phase of document digitization, quality checking is done so as to rectify all the minor errors that might have remained and then the data is taken into a CD. Once proper packaging is complete, the CD is delivered to the customer

The Benefits of Data Digitizing

  • Perpetual preservation of all your vulnerable physical documents
  • Easy storing advantages
  • Effortless duplication of data
  • Quick and easy retrieval
  • Easy access
  • Easy transportation
  • Easy to share
  • Makes data compatible with all modes of digital data transfer

Whatever be your choice - scanning services or document digitizing, you can count on Medical Outsource Solutions for accurate, efficient and cost-effective services.