About Us

Medical Outsourced Solution is a Medical Transcription and Billing/Coding Company, serving 400+ Physicians throughout the United States, With offices in Chicago, is run by a board of directors of Combined experience in the healthcare management industry. We help solve the unique challenges of our clients with our high quality, affordable onshore/offshore business models, talents and proven technology What makes Strategic Medical Management different is our laser sharp focus on your specific needs along with years of experience handling small and large clients with equal ease. Given an opportunity to partner with you, Strategic Medical Management will improve your productivity, reduce staff recruitment, payroll and training cost, thus leading to substantial increase in profitability.

We present in the following pages, a brief yet comprehensive idea of our service capabilities. We do hope that these match your requirements. If you need any specific or additional information, please feel free to contact us. We shall be able to design tailor-made solutions that address your needs.